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Made in America


“MADE IN AMERICA PRODUCTIONS” is a music productions brand powered by Marian Aas Hansen & Zelimir Kulisic, both known for their music successes influenced by the traditional American music roots & culture.

In 2015. Marian and Zelimir met on the Norwegian cruise ship, where they both were guest artists performing the Beatles music in the concert . Getting to know each other, they discovered their shared love for American music. She as a singer in Big Bands from her teens, and he as a Rock’n Roller all his life.

Marian Aas Hansen started her musical career in her teens as soloist in Big Bands performing traditional Jazz and Swing American music. Since the late 1990s, she has made her mark through her albums, concerts, television appearances and stage shows including great successes: "It's Showtime" with Kåre Conradi and the “Showgirls”. Still a part of Big Bands as soloist, performing all over the country and being one of the main artists on the famous annual Christmas tour “Silent Night, Holy Night”.

Zelimir Kulisic is a Yugoslavian born Rocker, singer-songwriter-producer performing in TV, Radio and concerts since his age of 11.

His recent single “JUDY”, ft. Albert Lee entered #100 iTunes country music charts in over 10 countries, making him one of the rare ones writing and performing his original music in the old R’n’R spirit nowadays, yet keeping it hip and fresh, carrying the torch for generations to come. There is a line dance mania "Judy Likes To Rock! Dance"on the internet that people has started up. Dancing around the dancing halls, festivals, concerts and dancing schools in many different countries on Zelimir's song JUDY.

A few years back, Zelimir had written a manuscript and with the idea for a music show based on American music, celebrating the greatest artists of all time such as: Elvis, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and more. Swing, gospel, rock’n roll, country and rhythm’n blues! The project was sitting in the drawer for many years and suddenly there she was...A missing piece who wanted to produce it and perform it with him! Not long after, there they were hitting famous theatres and stages in Norway.

Together with great musicians, dancers, virtual productions and artists who love the music, this was a unique experience and a different show concert that has ever been in Oslo area before! 

"Made in America" album release followed up with songs from the show, and original written songs that has been recorded in Nashville, Los Angeles, Wien and Oslo. Featuring European superstar Alexander Rybak and living music legends such as Albert Lee, Chan Romero (the author and original performer of the 40 million sold Rock and Roll anthem "Hippy Hippy Shake"). They hit the #100 iTunes charts in Norway and they hit off with their 24/7 personal and working relationships that brought us a bunch of music videos, great tours, projects, music and a TV show.

Today they have an established music productions, "MIA RECORDS" record label and a recording studio "Made in America Studios" from where they record new music and also produce and broadcast their web tv show #ROSASOFA.

Beside the "Made in America Show" that has evolved into a big band concert tour, Marian and Zelimir successfully headline another self produced tours of theirs throughout the year which are: "Country Gospel Tour", a Christmas Swing'n'Rock Extravaganza "Rockin' Xmas Big Band Tour" and a December Christmas Church tour called "JULEFRED" (meaning Christmas Peace).






Marian Aas Hansen is a Norwegian recording artist, songwriter and producer.

She started her career as a soloist in Big Bands and travelling around Norway and abroad at the tender age of 15. Her career quickly skyrocketed as she performed in multiple projects, major National TV and Radio programs, concerts, concert tours, "gold" sold album releases with the other Norwegian stars as well as on her own.


Some of her sold out concert tours and shows were: "Julefred", "It's Showtime" with Kåre Conradi, "Showgirls" with Elisabeth Andreassen, Hilde Lyrån and Guri Schanke, “Stille Natt Hellige Natt" and many more.

Marian has appeared in the Norwegian hit TV shows such as: 

"Stjernekamp","Beat for Beat","Allsang på Grensen","Good morning Norway","Latenight with Thomas and Harald"etc.


Marian has also borrowed her beautiful voice to the legendary Disney characters in films such as Cinderella, Cat Prince, Curious George, The Fox and the Hound 2 and The King and I.

In 2017, Marian Aas Hansen & Zelimir Kulisic have found themselves being the producers and co-owners of the "Made in America Productions” in Norway, producing and headlining hit acts such as "Made in America show", “Julefred", "Rockin’ Xmas Big Band Tour", "Country Gospel Tour", "Storband Cruise" #ROSASOFA web tv show etc.

Today, Marian lives and works in "Love and Harmony" with her life's companion, Zelimir at their beautiful estate in the heart of the Norwegian woods of Hadeland, Norway. There they have established their "Made in America Studios", where they write and record their music, film videos and the broadcast the  #ROSASOFA tv web show.



ZELIMIR is a Serbian recording artist, music producer and songwriter appearing in (and writing music for) TV and Radio shows, albums, concerts and song competitions worldwide since the age of 12.

In the 90’s, his sister and him were a major recording and performing sensations, touring the region and abroad. 

Honored with numerous awards for his vocal performances and his   songwriting for himself and for the others in the International song competitions.

Zelimir's mother states that him and his sister had guest appearances in more than 1.000 times on major TV, Radio shows in Ex-Yugoslavia during the 90's.


When the crisis devastated his homeland completely, Zelimir and his guitar take off internationally, making it a new success appearing in the major tv and radio programs, international song competitions and concerts in Turkey, Cyprus, etc...


In 2013 his song, Zelimir writes and release a hit single and a music video "JUDY” that reaches the #100 iTunes Country Music charts in Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, France, UK, Germany, Cyprus and many more. The momentum gets Zelimir's song being picked up by major (Warner) recording artists in Sweden, making it one of the most played "live dancing" songs in Sweden. At the same time Zelimir starts writing new music for those major Swedish bands.

Around the same time Zelimir records "Hippy Hippy Shake" with the writer and original performer himself - Chan Romero.

He meets a beautiful and talented Norwegian artist Marian Aas Hansen, takes off with her in music and life and launching "Made in America Productions" that today produces hit acts such as "Made in America show", “Julefred", "Rockin’ Xmas Big Band Tour", "Country Gospel Tour", "Storband Cruise" #ROSASOFA web tv show etc.

Today, Zelimir lives and works in "Love and Harmony" with his life's companion, Marian at their beautiful estate in the heart of the Norwegian woods of Hadeland, Norway. There they have established their "Made in America Studios", where they write and record their music, film videos and the broadcast the  #ROSASOFA tv web show.

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