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The M&Z Studio - Gran Canaria 🌴

Marian & Zelimir invite the public into their private recording studio & their very own stage

Music & Chat with Marian & Zelimir

We signed up for the event "Music and Chat with Marian Aas Hansen & Zelimir" at their new, unique and colourful recording studio in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria. As these extremely talented musicians are known for putting on a good show, we anticipated a high quality concert. What was really going on behind the golden velour curtain, caught the curious audience by surprise and was way beyond their every expectation.

On one side we have Marian Aas Hansen, who has been in the Norwegian public eye for more than 30 years. TV, albums, concerts, you name it. "Showgirls", "It's Showtime", "Stille Natt Hellige Natt" and collaborations with artists such as Anita Skorgan, Rune Larsen, Johnny Logan and many more.

Zelimir Kulisic on the other side, the son of an opera singer, born and raised in former country of Yugoslavia, started his musical journey at the tender age of 11. He became a teenage superstar and "the poster boy" with thousands of recordings, tv appearances and concerts. Zelimir is enormously musically gifted and has collaborated with legends such as Chan Romero, Albert Lee and the Weather girls, amongst others.

Although Marian and Zelimir are used to performing for thousands of people,

Marian Aas Hansen & Zelimir Kulisic performing their VIP Concert at their M&Z Studio in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria
Always at their best whether it's a crowd of 30 or 1.030

they choose to set a limit of 30 when housing their own concerts at their M&Z Studio in Gran Canaria. " Getting visitors into our own studio is very nice ", Marian smiles sincerely. " And with this exact number of guests, we get the opportunity to "give love" to every single person who has signed up for the event. Each concert becomes exciting and special in a different way for Zelimir and I. We love it."

Watch video from the M&Z Studio Events 🎙

Unique peek into their personal lives

Marian Aas Hansen and Zelimir Kulisic kissing at their M&Z Studio, Gran Canaria
Marian and Zelimir at M&Z Studio

When our love birds opened the doors to their studio and invited us in, it was like we entered this beloved musical couple's home. It's so much more than an ordinary recording studio, the concert arena is much more than just a stage. The whole experience is like being at some exciting and colourful museum that gives the public a unique and personal insight into the two careers, two lives that have become one joint project.

A big smiley welcome

The M&Z studio is located nearby two beaches in a small fisherman's village called Arguineguin, in the beautiful and popular sunny island Gran Canaria in Spain. 30 minutes before the concert starts, all the guest are welcome to mingle with the artists and each other. Marian & Zelimir personally meet every person at the door with a big smile and a joyful hello. Their friendly and wholeheartedly welcome made each and every one of us feel appreciated.

Guests from all of Norway

" We are lucky to have toured all over Norway with big shows and Christmas concerts, visiting almost every little nook and cranny in our vast and beautiful country. Being able to perform in large or small arenas around Norway is great, but now that we are based in Gran Canaria, all of Norway can visit us here, whenever they want. That’s unique and very special to us. It creates a very good feeling ", says Marian, while Zelimir nods affirmatively.

Home-party feeling

Marian and Zelimir love to see people relax and enjoy themselves while they are performing and that is one of the reasons they have landed with this very concept, right here in their recording studio. The audience is in such an intimate surrounding, everything is perfect. You hear everything, you see everything. If there is a little mistake, wrong note or a chord, there is nothing the artists can hide behind, apart from a smile and maybe an "oopsie”, just like it would be if we were friends visiting Marian and Zelimir at their home.

Marian Aas Hansen + Zelimir Kulisic live onstage at their M&Z Studio, Gran Canaria
Marian & Zelimir at M&Z Studio

Unique concept

In addition to their great performances, the world-class musicians come up with witty comments and create an atmosphere that builds relationships between everyone present. Their performance is vulnerable, funny, catchy, personal and brave, just the way Marian and Zelimir in real life are. At the M&Z studio, guests will be entertained in an entirely new way. That's for sure.

The M&Z Studio stage of Marian Aas Hansen & Zelimir Kulisic, Gran Canaria
The M&Z Studio, Gran Canaria

" Thank you for pushing all my buttons", Marian smiles and looks at the love of her life, while she refers to all the technical equipment around them that Zelimir obviously has full control over. The audience laughs and when someone from the crowd comments on the frisky remarks from the stage, nothing seems strange about that. The frame of the concert makes it feel natural to skål (cheer) and chat both with hosts and the other guests. When the concert is over, the guests walk out into the warm and balmy night with the feeling of being a part of this extraordinary "home party." Most likely you have made two new friends that were smiling from the stage, and perhaps even a new relationship with someone in the audience.

Excited about the future

Marian Aas Hansen & Zelimir Kulisic in their cabriolet relaxing outside in Gran Canaria
Marian & Zelimir in Gran Canaria

Musicians Marian Aas Hansen and Zelimir Kulisic decided to become "Canarians" during the Corona pandemic, and have never looked back. The climate, the freedom, sounds of the birds and the ocean are some of the things they value about living on the island. Establishing their own recording studio and building up their own concert arena was a dream that came true almost as soon as it was conceived.

The planning, the renovation and the long trips they have made from Norway to Gran Canaria (not far from the coast of Africa, by the way...) to get all the equipment to the island has taken time. According to Marian and Zelimir, blood, sweat and tears have gone into the process, but all that is forgotten now. The welcoming and cheerful couple are satisfied with the result and excited about what the future will bring. " It's still much work to do, but we're getting there ", the couple add.

Creating good music and unforgettable concerts

For Marian and Zelimir, the goal of The M&Z studio is twofold. To perform in front of the live audiences, and to record and produce music - both for themselves and other artists, producers or record companies. "Work-cation" anyone? With state-of-the-art equipment and inspiring surroundings, everything is in place for results that will be second to none.

The fact that the promenade, two beaches and nice restaurants are in the immediate vicinity of the studio is no disadvantage to the creativity. As a musician, you often find yourself in your own "bubble" and that is required of you when you work long days in a full focus mode and hopefully without any interruptions. During those periods, it is much appreciated to be in beautiful surroundings, so that you get natural replenishment and inspiration, even if it is just for a coffee break. In the M&Z studio, both single artists and groups will get the chance to bring out the best in themselves and produce music and memories that will last a lifetime.

Creating - Recording - Publishing

Beside hosting their own concerts, Marian and Zelimir are also busy writing and producing for their own record company " M&Z Music ". Their music publishing company is already providing hit songs for labels such as Warner Sweden and artists such as Lasse Stefanz, Scotts, Streaplers, etc. Marian & Zelimir collaborate with international writers, one of them being the writer and original performer of the 40 million sold Rock and Roll anthem Hippy Hippy Shake - Chan Romero from the U.S. One of their latest exclusive writers on the M&Z Music roster is their fellow Norwegian Lillebror Sande Larsen, who also lives in Gran Canaria. Beside writing beautiful songs, he successfully owns and runs his chain of restaurants and bars here.

The M&Z Studio logo, Gran Canaria

Private concerts and anniversary bookings? You betcha!

"We just recently have had a celebration here in the studio, where a loving wife surprised her husband for his 50-year Birthday, it was emotional and beautiful, and the fact that we can bring love and happiness to people traveling from all over the globe is just heaven for us" Marian and Zelimir add.

Behind the golden velour curtain time stands still and it's easy to focus on what's happening on stage and the people around you. You forget about everything else, just as you should on such a special occasion. The M&Z studio, which is like a treasure trove hidden on an idyllic island lying perfectly in the Atlantic Ocean is a great spot for your next visit. With only 30 spots available for each event, tickets are always in high demand, so book well in advance. You might even get lucky and get a ticket on the fly if you're a bit spontaneous. Get in touch, no reason to be shy!

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Kjøp The M&Z Studio event billetter HER


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