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EXCITED! Yes we are!

Welcome to the M&Z Forum. Wohoo! 💫

We're sooo excited to have you here with us, on our own forum. For a long time we wanted to have something like this, we just didn't know how 😂. Now we can finally "get together" in here, post pictures, videos, write whatever we all want. You can ask us(or anyone else here) questions, we can really kind of "get together" on these pages. You all can have your own "profiles" just like on Facebook or Twitter, or wherever. You can also "follow" other people and they can "follow" you back. We can all share good stories, good laughs (or tears), interests and just about anything else. Of course, let's just keep it all decent (or you'll get banned)😀.

Join the M&Z Forum Community

This is a community made just for us. Get the latest updates, ask questions and share your wishes and thoughts. Do you have a photo or a vide of us from one of our concerts? Or is there an interesting story around some of our songs or our events? Did you manage to watch our first Online Christmas Special Julefred? Do you have some pictures from that night of you and your friends? Any interesting stories "Behind the scenes"? 😎

Without any further ado, please welcome and feel free to enjoy using your forum!


Marian & Zelimir


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