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10 Years of rockin' to JUDY, w/Zelimir & Albert Lee

Today marks 10th anniversary of the music release of JUDY - written, produced and performed by Zelimir Kulisic, also featuring legendary guitarist and vocalist Albert Lee.

Here are few words Zelimir shared with his fans on his social media today:

" 10 Years already!!! Wow! Well, on today's day, 2012, I released a self-written song JUDY, featuring legendary Albert Lee.

When all the record labels said NO, and I decided to do it on my own - without the help of any big international record company. With all my savings poured into the high budget Music Video shooting it at the Hollywood Film studios in Bulgaria-Europe, travels, recordings with the guitar legend Albert Lee in Austria and Serbia, promoting it with few friends of mine - Guerrilla style from a ship in Norway, playing gigs at night and hardly sleeping, we manage to get JUDY to the hearts of international audiences, making it into the itunes country music charts in over 20 countries around the world.

"Judy" gets its own line-dance when the dancers from Spain, Australia, China, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland, South Africa and many more started dancing to the "Judy Likes to Rock" Line-Dance choreography made by a Danish choreographer Niels Poulsen. You can find the Line-Dance videos all over internet.

The momentum gets "Judy" being picked up now by the Major Record Company who initially said NO to the song - Warner Music Sweden and its recording artists started recording and releasing the song both in English and Swedish languages, making it one of the most popular "live line-dancing" songs in Sweden and Norway. And that's how I started writing songs for Lasse Stefanz, Scandinavian audience will know who that is 😎. International lyricists from Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, America, Spain, Sweden, Norway (and more) already wrote JUDY in their native languages and it's a plan in place to record it in all those languages. Some already did in Swedish...

Sure damn that would be fun (or pretty funny) if I take a spin on all those languages.

JUDY is also featured on "Made in America" album that I released with the Norwegian artist Marian Aas Hansen, who now is the queen of my heart. I'm very grateful to JUDY and to all the people still loving the song.

Let's celebrate 10 years of JUDY, millions of streams, sales, shares and views and many more to come!

To see the music video, line-dance videos, recording with Albert Lee, Behind the scenes and more, click here:

All JUDY logos and artworks are made by talented Dejan Ilic.

Thank you

Zelimir "

Watch the 10 years JUDY Anniversary Video, ft. Zelimir released by Zelimir's label MiA Records, Made in America Productions AS, Norway


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